Sunday, August 31, 2008

Harlem Heights and SoHa

Had my first personal organizing/interior design consult this morning in Harlem Heights, right across the street from the former location of Alexander Hamilton's house on Convent Avenue. They recently (in June) rolled the house one block west on Convent Avenue and then one block south on 141st Street to the new St. Nicholas Park location. The six-hour event was a popular neighborhood attraction. It's a great street, really nice neighborhood.

The consult went well and I'm super excited. I know this is going to be a great move for me. When I have "after" shots, I will surely be posting them on my new website (that is yet to be launched - So check it out there. But again, excited, elated, encouraged, exuberant (can't think of any other "e" words to describe it.

As for SoHa (South Harlem - gotta love New York City realtors that MUST come up with an acronym for neighborhoods to make them gentrified-sounding). My new client took me to brunch at Kitchenette, this fabulous little joint on 123rd and Amsterdam just east of Broadway. It's adorable. Like walking into an old-fashioned diner but with a cute, pink and polka-dot flair. Great food too. French Culinary chefs. Amazing omelettes and mouth-watering cheese grits. Grits always remind me of My Cousin Vinny by the way. So I highly recommend this cute brunch/lunch place. And they have other locations downtown. One on Chambers and one on Amsterdam and 79th. They bake cakes and cupcakes and cookies that are works of art. Really cute stuff and edible.

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Melissa said...

Congrats on getting EO Designs rolling!