Monday, August 25, 2008

Hay, FREE food

My lovely friend Maura invited me up to Boston because she was staying there for the summer and her most recent flat was on Newbury Street, as she put it, "the Madison Avenue of Boston." So when she heard I left my job, she said, "You'd be an idiot not to take me up on this." So I'm not idiot. I bought my $15 Fung Wah Bus ticket and was on my way. It was a beautiful location and I was just happy to be away. We did a lot of sightseeing and it was great because although I have been to Boston a few times before, I hadn't been to the Haymarket before or Little Italy for that matter (new thing).

Granted, we got there at the end of the day, when many are taking veggies and fruit for FREE, that's right, gratis. So it was an even more interesting site to see. People with their carts, taking whatever was left. On their heads, on their hips, with their kids, etc.

I love shooting these types of things but this one woman at the end, the small Asian woman, was not all that happy that I shot her. Oh well. I love the shot of the woman with the cart AND the crate on her head. It was like we were in Africa or something. Cool beans.

And then this one kid was just getting a kick out of rolling the Sarah Wrap down the road. Wasteful but cute.

In general, I'm not too keen on Boston as a place to live, but it's nice to visit. First of all, the Red Sox fans have got to calm themselves. This rivalry with the Yankees is taken to the extreme there and I know this is not new news but it's so silly. There were guys with "Yankees SUCK" T-shirts and then I will never forget when I went to visit Wayne at MIT, a guy at a club came up to me and said, "Why the long face" as I was waiting for Wayne to come back with drinks and I simply joked and said, "Oh, well, the Yankees lost." He literally turned around and told his friends and I seriously thought they were gonna punch me. WHATEVER. Get over yourselves and get a life! And these same guys need to get a clue when it comes to their wardrobes, and I'm not referring to the stupid T-shirts. They all dress alike. It's like Stepford. Get rid of the Dockers and step away from the weave belts. Ick.

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