Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tuesday Galavanting (08-12-08)

So this day started with me posting an ad on Craigslist offering babysitting services (new thing) and to my surprise, it worked. I got two calls within the first day. I love kids and figure that while I am starting my new organizing business, I might as well make some money so I can do those things like eat, drink, transport myself from point A to point B. So after that, I showered and put on my new Burlington Coat Factory Naturalizer $24.99 shiny shoes and headed to lunch with Maryssa at Lacoste, well not AT Lacoste, they sell clothing, not burgers. We went to Burger Heaven and let's just say that classic burger with pickle was indeed like heaven. Hadn't had the red meat in a while. Yum-e! So it was great to catch up with her and since I was already near 5th Avenue, I shimmied over to Henri Bendel's to get gifts for both Heidi (who's birthday is this weekend) and Judith (whose birthday I missed back in July - oops). I've never purchased anything in Henri Bendel's (new thing). It was fun to be all glammed out shopping in these shops. The salespeople were all very nice to me and I got bags and fancy boxes for my gifts and everything. My only suggestion would be to the skin care lady. Don't say "help for your skin?" to people who obviously have a huge zit under their nose. It doesn't make us want to sit down on your black chair and chat about our bad picking habits. So then, I ventured over to Tiffany's. I mean duh. There, I bought cute little candy dishes for my girls, the counselors I worked with at my job who also resigned for bigger and better things. It was so regal how they wrapped them and I was going to present it to both of them at this little shindig I was having at my adopted parents' pad later that evening (new thing, never had a party at someone else's house when they weren't home, they knew though). So after Tiffany's, I pulled the ol' Havianas out of my bag and shoved the glitzy ones away for now. No band-aids on hand. Shame (as Jim Bacher would say). Walked my way to Sherry Lehman to buy my two mainstays and headed thru the park toward the west side. On my way, I saw the Victorian Garden at Wollman Rink (that amusement park they constructed on top of the rink for the summer) - so cute with all the kiddies getting all excited about lame rides. I mean, c'mon. It's not Kingda Ka. Paalleeease. So as I surfaced onto CPW and saw the Trump Hotel, I thought, "I want a drink in a very civilized atmosphere" and strolled over to the entrance, only to learn that they didn't open up again until 5:30. Now, there I was with my shoes back on (had to represent) and my Tiffany's and Bendel bags a-flowin' and they still told me "CLOSED". So I picked up my bags and headed over to the next best thing, the Mandarin Oriental (new thing).

Shot myself up 35 floors and entered the lounge, "one please." The waiter kindly asked what I'd like to drink and I chose the cheapest sake on the menu. $8 to be exact. He brought it to me in this curvaceous glass and I sipped slowly while taking in the AMAZING view of Central Park and Central Park South. It was very "lady of leisure" and I plan to do it again in a variety of fine establishments all over NYC thank you very much. So once the CNN electronic billboard "rang" 4:00, I got the check, had the waiter take my photo with the park background and went back down to the "regular people." Got on the train, back to reality, back to picking up LuLu's poop, and hightailed it to DAG's to get the makings for guacamole and corn salsa. The girls (and Mo) started arriving at 6:00 and it sounded like a hen party. So great to see them all together again and chat up a storm. I will miss them all but hope to keep in close touch. (Tommy, don't worry, the big shindig was over at 10:00 and we did keep the sex, drugs and rock & roll to a minimum).

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