Monday, August 25, 2008

Crotchless Undies

Did you know that there are Tupperware-like parties where you can buy crotchless panties AND undies for him that hold his piece but look like Groucho Marx? Yup, you can. E-mail me for details.

So Maura and I went to Marblehead from Boston on Sunday and met up with Mary Elizabeth and Marwan to see the town. It was lots of laughter and lots of shopping. This town is the most adorable place to walk around. So much history and the homes are to die for. We luckily happened up on this little consignment shop called Madam Had'em on Washington Street I think. It had cute stuff and I found this Tara Jarmon dress for $23 but it was 50% off so of course I had to get it. After we got back, we googled Tara Jarmon since Maura knew it was a high-end designer, and her dresses sometimes retail for $500. Cha-ching. I love a bargain. That was a steal! We got to see Mary's cupala (sp?) and convinced her, as her hubby has been doing, to join Facebook. So there. Job well done. Oh and my new thing is that I drove Maura's Prius home. And am the proud owner of a French-made Tara Jarmon floral dress (new thing).


corn walker said...

I've never understood crotchless underwear. I mean, what's the point? Why not just go commando?

Are you still in the Commonwealth? Want to come nail down a few shingles on the roof? That's likely a new thing none of your friends have done.

eoconn said...

nope. back in NYC. my father had shingles once.

i just got a new roof on the cottage. didn't you hear that you can hire people to do that FOR you. he he. coming from the girl who just quit her job and has no steady income. hmmm...

Row said...

What a nice shot of you and Mary Elizabeth. I'm not holding my breath on her joining Facebook.

As for the crotchless underwear....send me details