Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jaws 3 and Red Snapper

Do you ever take time to actually notice things that you do every day but don't bother to analyze. I did that today on my commute home from DUMBO. In all the four years I worked on the upper Westside on Amsterdam and 84th, I never felt that I was on a daily grind, or "commuting to work." There was enough variety each day in the people but also the way I got there (streets I took, train combinations I took, etc.) that it didn't seem like a static, routine task. But today, as I was leaving Washington Street, I realized how much it does feel that way in just four DAYS. It's not a neighborhood. It's somewhere people go to each day to work in the larger buildings and then all line up on the same street to walk toward the ONE subway train, the F at York. And then you enter this Blade Runner-like hallway to finally get to the stairs that take you to the platform. The only highlight today was that this girl slipped a little on her way up the stairs and her skirt went up and I saw her day-of-the-week panties. That made me giggle. And even though one might think that all these uber-hip trendsetters are so unique that there is VARIETY, I think NOT. They're trying too hard in my estimation.

Well, enough about that. On the train, I realized that I hadn't really done anything new today so I decided to cook something new. I went to the Asian fish market across from my apartment and got some red snapper (new thing). Granted, I've cooked some fish before, but never red snapper. Here's a pic of it. FRESH FISH!

I bought one filet ($1.06) and the guy behind the counter just looked so sad as he tried to fish the largest piece out of his selection. Then he bagged it up and gave me that look where he knows I'm alone. Wah-wah. So I cooked it, just some salt & pepper and viola. It was good. I turned on the boob tube and one of my favorite fish movies was on: Jaws.But Jaws 3, the one that came out in 3-D (this is what the poster looked like in German). The one with Dennis Quaid and Lea Thompson. I had the biggest crush on her when I was a kid. I think I still do. I loved her in Space Camp. That was the bestest movie ever! I was either going to work at Sea World or take off into the cosmos.

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