Thursday, August 14, 2008

In and Out, Up and Down

So after having a lovely lunch at the Comfort Diner with my hot friend Nicole who works at the Flatiron Building (pronounced fla-tier-on), which I've never been inside of (new thing), I hopped on the M23 to peruse the Chelsea Galleries (is that supposed to be capitalized? I don't think so). Anyways, it was fun as always. This semi-annual outing is not new to me, but of course all the new art is (new things). I fortunately made it around 24th and 25th Streets before the heavens opened up and splashed me silly with rain water. I got to see a photo show on white supremists/KKK members and oddly enough, when I was walking to catch the C train uptown, there was this elderly black man with a cane standing outside of the Elliott Chelsea Housing Projects, trying to hail a cab and no one would stop. I asked him if he'd like me to help and he said yes so one stopped for me (new thing). Sad.

I highly suggest everyone go and stroll around the galleries. It's really fun. It gets your creative juices flowing and you meet neat folks. I met Ari from Israel (new thing) who didn't understand fully (and who would) that you just simply enter random buildings and take the elevators up and down to various open (and sometimes closed) doors that say "gallery" or "studio" on them. It's quite fun to be so B&E about it (well, not the B). Then you go in and out of warehouse-type storefronts. His English was cute and he had to be all of 19 years old. He was staying with his sister who is living here. I'm sure you'd love for me to go on and on about Ari but I'll change the subject.

So then, I'm in this one building that has lots of floors and I get off on the 5th Floor and see this sign outside one door that says "imaginary forces" and I'm alllll, "oh my gosh. that's where steve works. how funny." so i knock. never been there before (new thing). this woman answers and i ask if he works there and she doesn't seem to want to confirm or deny that fact so she calls him and says that i'm here for him. he indeed did work there and showed me around - thanks steve. cool stuff btw. i'm slowly realizing how fortunate i am to know so so many creative (and sometimes mildly famous) people. i rock! (oh wait, they rock). aww snap!

oh, and today i wore a backless shirt. it was fun. you get dirty looks from girls and hootin' and hollerin' from construction workers. i know girls say they hate that when sweaty guys with uniforms and hard hats cat call but i think it's fun. i sit and watch cute boys go by when i'm on benches in public and think naughty things but i just don't say it out loud. maybe that will be my new thing for tomorrow (prospective new thing). that's the ticket. what would that be called? dog calling? or just plain harrassment.

So I took tons of photos of the art, I think my favorite was the scary fairy tale dolls.

Or the dangerous women. So now I'm off to din-din with Heidi at La Rural (new thing), an Argentine restaurant on Amsterdam and 97th Street. Can't wait. I've always wanted to try it and her birthday is as good a reason as any. And there will be lots of MEAT. yum-e!


bam34 said...

i love reading this! sergio and i like to sit on benches and think naughty thoughts about boys, too -- you're not alone!

sorry i couldn't make it to the farewell drinks on the 12th. at the last minute i had to go to do some outreach to recruit more kids into the all stars.

i would love to get together soon to catch up. maybe once alexandra is back here in sept?

Row said...

Wow...I'd love for you to randomly show up at my office. Feel free to stop in anytime...I most likely won't be there.