Monday, August 18, 2008

Oh! the Rambles (08-16-08)

Not sure if every New Yorker knows this yet but tourists don't seem to catch on that quick. The Ramble (that portion of the park behind (pardon the pun) the Boathouse, has been and still is a cruising area for homosexuals. It's fun to watch. I hate to make it sound like a zoo exhibit but it kind of is. Men walk up onto rocks, check out the pickins and then come back down, sometimes with a package, sometimes without. I introduced my friend Matthea to this fact and she can no longer see it in any other light. Although I have been to the Ramble before, we ventured to one area that I had never seen before, the gazebo (new thing). It was quite occupied but that didn't stop me. It seems to be inhabited actually. And that it was. About 8 gentlemen seemed to "hang out" there together on a regular basis because they welcome us to their "home." They were quite friendly and asked us where we were from because they probably figured two New Yorkers would not be strolling past them and venture inside to chat. It was cute. I said something along the lines of "hadn't wandered across this before. there are so many turns and hidden spaces" and they were like "uh, yea," probably knowing EXACTLY what I was talkin' about. Nice guys. Next trip there, we'll be taking a hot air balloon ride over Manhattan. Can't wait. And the gondola. Did you know there's a dude that gives gondola rides on the pond? Ask him to tell you his life story. Apparently Matthea has hired him 30 times and is almost to his childhood.

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