Thursday, July 2, 2009

MJ Tribute

On my way home tonight from work, (I switch at Jackson Heights) there was this huge crowd forming at the top of the stairs. When I stopped to see what they were all looking at, folks were simply watching the BEAT IT video on a flat screen TV that was in a subway-level shop window. It was so sweet. Just all these commuters stopping in their tracks to simply watch that awesome video and pay homage to an incredible entertainer.

I still don't understand how people could be making jokes about his death. Well, I get it, but I guess it just makes me sad because I seriously feel terrible for this poor man. His childhood was an utter nightmare and folks don't seem to understand that it's not your fault when you've grown up that way. I never did believe that he hurt a hair on any child but even if he had done something inappropriate, it wouldn't surprise me considering what he grew up thinking was "normal." I know I'm guilty of making fun of people, especially celebs that I don't even know, but in this case, I just wish everyone would respect the extremely negative life he had. I don't believe in life after death but if he did, I hope he's in a better place now. Because even in his adulthood, it still didn't seem like he was surrounded by people that truly cared about him. Shame.