Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yes we can! / Si se puede

I've really gotta get better about taking photos on my adventures. Tonight I purposely wore my new pink dress (the one I got in Marblehead for nothing) and I was going to take a photo of me, matthea and cara at our Obama event (new thing, never went to a convention speech watching event at a bar) and then i plum forgot. so instead because I couldn't pass up shooting me in this dress, I held the camera and got a shot of my chest because that's all everyone wants to see anyway, right? but the sticker slipped inside (i left it cause i thought that was cute). The event was sort of lame except for the exceptionally cute boy sitting in the next booth with his stupid girlfriend (boy, if you are reading this (doubt it), please realize that i am the one you want to be with, not her). The older Asian woman who was like the whole room's mother (cleaning up after spills and handing food around) was adorable in addition to Pam from N.C. who spoke in Denver. Well done Pam. You ROCK! And I loved Barney Smith. I guess with Google nowadays, any campaign's speech writer can find the man they need to really get to the issues at hand. Hilarious!

now back to me. mo is my inspiration when it comes to street photography and not being afraid to shoot people no matter where you are. today, when i showed him this photo that I took on the F train on my way to work alongside him, he said, "it's a free world, right?" RIGHT INDEEDy. "So there" to that guy sitting next to me that was scowling as I shot this sleeping dude next to the 99cent stickers stuck to the homeless woman on the ad in a smiley face pattern. Ya can't pass this shit up.

And then on my walk home tonight after taking out Steve and Phuong's garbage, I saw how they make those white lines on the road for pedestrians (new thing). I was gonna whip out the ol' camera but I figured you could all imagine it without visuals. I thought they painted it with a big brush but they don't. They have this machine that looks like the one they bring out on the baseball fields and it's like powder and then they seal it with something so that we can't just blow away the powder the first time we walk on it after they've done all that hard work at midnight all over the city. well, obviously it's not done AT midnight ALL over the city. That would be difficult to achieve. Well, unless there were tons of those workers synchronizing their watches. Okay, goodnight folks. That's enough new things for this evening. Oh wait, it's morning.

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