Monday, August 18, 2008


worked for mo today. quiet office. no water cooler chatter. cute boys though. the only thing is - none of them talked to me (and i think most of them were single). sheesh. it's like high school all over again. seriously, cool office. great work they are doing. looking forward to being part of it part-time. great to be watching mo's creative juices flowing again right in front of me. that area has changed so much in just a year. i think i was there only a year ago and there are so many cafes, shops, etc. now. wow. hey, that rhymes. ok, gimme a break, i'm trying to catch up on days here. shot a cool construction wall mural.

I did get to see the last of 4 waterfalls by that olaf dude (new thing). big woop though. what's the big deal. it's water falling from a metal thingy. gosh, that took a lot of thought. sorry artsy folks...

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