Monday, September 15, 2008

Who needs a dressing room

So sure enough, I've once again done something new even though I said I would stop that nonsense. This evening after my volleyball playoff game, I decided not to change out of my game clothes because I wanted to walk out with my teammates since this was it and I won't be playing next season but as they all know, I always change out of my clothes because I have icky, unflattering workout clothing in my wardrobe and that's not gonna get me anywhere in case I run into Prince Charming on the R train home. So once I got to the R train platform, I went all the way to the very end where no one was and changed out of my volleyball clothes into my sleek black pencil skirt and blouse. It took seconds, but the guys who saw me pass by originally looking like that girl you weren't sure about on the field hockey team, saw a hair-down, fancy-schmancy girlie girl out for a night on the town. I have to admit, I sort of felt like Wonder Woman, minus the twirling around a bunch of times (by the way, i used to do this constantly thinking that it would actually work at least ONCE; had the UnderRoos and everything! FYI, it never did work). But tonight, no twirling. That would have made me dizzy and I could've possibly fallen onto the tracks and then I would just be a very FLAT girlie girl in a cute black outfit. And Mike, there were no photos of this new thing (dirty dawg).

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Row said...

No pictures? You're kidding yourself. There are camera's all over the platform these me some MTA security guys are e-mailing that video around to their friends.