Sunday, September 7, 2008

1st Day Organizing (Personal not Community)

So today was my first full on personal organizing day. It was tiring. But very results-oriented which i love. We got a lot done (see before and after of my client's dresser of clothing.

Mind you, I didn't take before photos of each drawer and I should have because they were messy but now they are all lined up and organized by type of clothing. It took a while but it was well worth it. Now she can see all of her clothes rather than having them on top of one another. We also got a ton of paperwork shredded and bags paired down. DONATE, TRASH or KEEP. That's it. And then I got this lovely Thai dinner afterwards for my hard work. YUM-e. The papaya salad was a bit spicy but I better get used to it if I think I'm going to Bangkok for 3 months in January. My tolerance needs to get amped up.

Organizing and seeing your client be amazed at how much they purged in such a short amount of time is so satisfying. It's something everyone CAN do but who actually sets aside time to have someone push them to do it? Hopefully some do or else I won't have many clients. He he. Having a well-organized space and no or little clutter is an amazing feeling that can seriously change the way you feel when you wake up or go to bed. Everyone should do it. (peer pressure). he he.

Another funny thing that happened was when I arrived across the street from the former Andrew Hamilton house location, there were tons of European tourists outside getting a tour of Harlem so when my client came downstairs to open the door for me, I looked back at the huge crowd of people right in front of her building and said, "I brought my network." I'm funny, right?

And then when we were heading to the Thai restaurant, suri, on 101st and Bwy, very good, great design (even the bathroom), my client saw an ad for Manhattan Storage and it said, "You can't save the world if you can't find your socks" and it was this superhero without a sock on one foot. She thinks that would be a good advertisement for eodesignnyc. I agree. She can now find all of her work and casual socks.


Row said...

How does your client feel about her panties being on display for everyone on the interwebs?

eoconn said...

she ok'd it. i swear. she has nice panties. and now they're all in a row, separated by lace, cotton and boy shorts. that's what i'm there for. organizing panties.