Saturday, September 13, 2008

Big Meat and Fab Shoes

So I pick up my car this morning to find that the work I had done was much less money than I thought it would be (AWESOME). I decided to take advantage of being up early on a Saturday morning and go to Salvation Army to shop for deals. I parked at a meter spot and right as I was getting my stuff together to leave the car, the woman in front of me backed up right into me and shocked the hell out of me. She got out of her car to apologize saying she didn't even see me there (mind you, she got into her car after I had already pulled up there). So I just made sure there was no damage and said it was fine. But then she had to add that my car is so low that she can't even see a low car like mine from her big SUV. In my head, I was like, "that's not my fault lady." But I had to let it slide because recently, I hit a cabbie in the rear and he let me go. Good karma.

So I wanted some pencil skirts and thin sweaters for the new school year. Yea, I know. I don't go to school but it's a nice excuse to buy new stuff for yourself in September. Got those things (2 pants, 3 pencil skirts, 2 thin sweaters, 2 crop jackets, and 3 dress shirts) for killer prices (everything was under $100 because I had a bunch of pink tags and those were 50% off) but the icing on the cake is that I also found these HOT Bebe boots for $6.99 - Cha-Ching!

They are exactly my size and so comfy. Well, I didn't walk around the store in them for hours but they seemed comfy. As I checked out, I walked across the street to put it all in my car and there was a meterman giving me a ticket. I was bummed but when I got to him to say that it must have JUST expired because I was taking notice of the time, he said he already printed it and then he added, "Sorry." So I said, "No worries. It's my fault and it's your job. Have a nice day." It was a $35 ticket and since I got such a great deal on all the fly clothes, I truly didn't care. My new lease on life. I'm too happy with everything else to care about a ticket.

So I get home and go to the market to get some granola and yogurt and as I'm leaving to cross 31st Avenue, a man in a car stopped at the light says to me, "Yo. You ever had some big meat?" Now, first of all, my name isn't 'Yo." Secondly, even if I had had some big meat, I highly doubt I would converse with him about it being that I don't know him and that's sort of a personal thing.


Freditor said...

Row has really got to stop harassing you like that.

eoconn said...

word! he just wants me to fail. i know it! :-)