Friday, September 12, 2008

Screw the new thing concept

Listen, we all do SOMETHING new each day. But I think I'm tired of thinking of what that new thing was. I think the first week I was unemployed, it was easy to do something significantly new because I didn't have anything else to do but now I'm sort of working again but nothing with high commitment. So I'm safe. So NO MAS (no more for my Spanish-deficient readers). This blog has a new purpose now, no longer a NEW THING digest, now it's just a place for me to rant about the bizarro things that come to mind. Like CLEAN HOUSE on-the-road (but that's for a different post).

Instead, today I did a bunch of things that were so similar to what I did yesterday. I had coffee in the morning with a buttered roll, I rode the subway, had ice tea for my free drinks at work, read my book on the subway (re-reading Staggering Mind Genius book, can't recall the real title but you know what I'm talking about). It's nutty and I like it. As I read it, it reminded me that I have to get off my tochus and write my father's eulogy. I promised it to him for last Christmas and still haven't delivered. I always thought it would be cool for him to be able to read it BEFORE he kicks the bucket so he'll do the whole PHEW, she isn't going to roast me at my own funeral. That sort of thing. It's a really funny piece (in my mind) but I truly have to get it down on paper (or whatever the computer equivalent of paper is, what do we say, "get it down on document?" - whatever.

I did actually have a NEW THING today (of course now that I've abolished it, I'm gonna easily come up with them each day - whatever!). The new thing was that I did Car Talk-like audio descriptions of what is going wrong with my car to the nice gentleman at A&A Radial Auto Service station on 58th Street and Northern Blvd. If you ever need an honest car repairman, this dude is IT! I have been going there for almost 10 years since I got my little Lezbaru (thanks James) and they are so kind and don't charge an arm and a leg and explain things in a very layperson kind of way. Go them! So I got to explain how this thingy on the bottom of my car or maybe under the hood is making this rattling noise like the way a fan would sound if it was slighty, oh so gently, hitting something metal as it was spinning around cooling you off. And it had kind of an angry growl accompanying the beforementioned sound. It was all too complicated to SAY with words. I had to act it out. I think the guy appreciated it because he knew right away what I was talking about and said that my so-an-so's needed tightening and I replied, "they sure do."

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