Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Anita, my new elevator buddy

So if anyone knows me, they know I take a compliment well, but if it's about my outfit, I typically follow up "THANK YOU" with "It was only $10 at Marshall's." A nice woman named Anita at my freelance job saw my outfit yesterday and immediately complimented me on it. I had been waiting for it all day because I absolutely LOVE my new outfit. I sound like the character in that new Devil Wears Prada-esque film. So I said thanks and told her how inexpensive (not cheap) it was and where I got it. Heidi hates this and I understand why but I can't seem to kick the habit. I love my thriftyness. I used to call myself "cheap" but Agnes alerted me that this word made me SOUND cheap so I have modified my language a bit. Mo even said yesterday when he complimented my new Kenar dress ($10), Nine West crop jacket ($15) and Nine West peep-toe pumps ($25) that I should say it was wildly expensive instead, but for some unknown reason, I get more satisfaction and thrill from telling people what a DEAL I got rather than seeming like I spend my entire salary (even if I don't currently have one of those) on fashion! It's almost more fun to see folks be jealous. they, too, could have great outfits if they only had the skills I had. he he. There goes my snobbery again. Gosh, I'm full of myself. I think this whole blog thing is bringing out the worst in me. Nah. Coverage on the Emmys, Oscars and Golden Globes do that. I'm savage during those red carpet shows.

So, just to rub it in, I also got this new BCBG dress ($15), Etienne Aigner gray patent leather slingbacks with a bow that matches the dress believe it or not ($7, that's right, I didn't miss a zero), and a vintage brown velvet clutch from Salvation Army for $3.50. See accompanying photo that Mo graciously took of me at work when it first debuted. Some of you may be asking yourself, "isn't she out of a job?" but as Kathy said when I told her the deal I got, "It would have been a CRIME to not buy those things." And I agree with Kathy (miss you honey bunches of oats)....

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