Sunday, September 7, 2008

Free Fragrance Foibles

In an effort to save money, as if I'm not always cheap (I know Agnes, thrifty), I have been using free magazine perfume samples. The only snag is that if I'm in a hurry in the morning and reach for one from my pile, I have been incoherent enough to give myself a paper cut and that does not look good on the ol' wrists if you know what I mean. I literally went to work last week with a slice right across that very important vein on your wrist. No one noticed of course because I work in the most antisocial office EVER! (gee, i hope no one from my office ever finds this blog, then they may not offer the free leftover conference room lunches that are sometimes offered to lowly temps like me when they're all done with it). that chocolate mousse was delish! keep it comin' and i'll keep smelling nice (gratis).

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