Sunday, November 23, 2008

There's a first time for everything...

So I'm at this party last night in Brooklyn and my stupid friend is in this conversation with this guy who's driving her crazy so what does she do? She sends him my way. In her defense, she must have thought we'd have more to talk about since he lived in Thailand currently and I was thinking about going there for a few months soon. So he instantly weirded me out, maybe because he was way drunk but moreso because he was THAT guy, the one who has traveled the world and wants you to be AS impressed by it as he is. So he said one thing that was worth all the minutes I spent talking to him. At one point, I thought asking for his work URL because he worked for a language teacher organization in Thailand would get him to go away, he said, "Let me go get my trifold." Now there's a new one. Never had a guy go to get one of those before. So he comes back with just that. A glossy trifold which he made a point to add that all of the photos on the cover were shot by him. He also proceeded to tell me that the area I was planning on going to was overrun with American tourists who say things like "I really want to go hang out with The Hills people," which I'm assuming are indigenous people in the mountainous areas? But in his next breadth, he said that he lives in an area just like that. So wasn't he one of those stupid trust fund kids that wanted to really "experience life?" Whatever. My outlook is: don't hand out pamphlets while you're at a party. It's cult-ish. And while you're pointing out the photos that you took on the cover, don't fall over drunk onto the boob of the girl you're trying to impress. What was the BEST was that after I finally got him to go away by concentrating on someone else's conversation, this other girl from the party came over to us and said that she totally offended this dude from Tibet (Thailand but she was drunk too) when she said "Fuck Tibet. Put 'em all in prison." She was just being funny but he didn't think so. I guess those NGO folks are way serious about their saving the world shit that they can't even laugh at a good joke.

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