Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sorry Ms. McIlhon

Ms. McIlhon was my creative writing professor in undergrad and she would be outraged at how lame my posts are here. I'm outraged after all. I am better than this and starting this blog was partially in order to hone my former skills as a writer by practicing as often as possible. I was recollecting what I wrote last night and realizing even away from the computer how much they lacked in any detail or interest.

I wrote that there was "great food" at the consulate? That doesn't even remotely describe the food there. Shame on me. So I plan to rewrite that post (not delete it) and hopefully I can salvage the small amount of dignity I have for my writing prowess with a concentrated edit. But not now. I am currently streaming all of the Gossip Girl episodes I missed while vacationing in Europe. So ta ta for now. More to come...

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giftsofthejourney said...

Hello Elizabeth...I believe I've got your name right.

I saw this post and considered that you and I may have had the same writing instructor in college.

Did you go to Oswego State by any chance?

I just recently reconnected with MJ though facebook and found your post when googling her name.