Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Oh, what a night!

Little did I know when I woke up yesterday that I would be hanging out with Indonesian pop stars at the Indonesian Consulate of all places. It was so much fun. Great food and I got a photo of me with them so if I ever go to Jakarta and show some teeny-bopper the picture, I'll be so envied. The lead singer (Fadly) was a cutie-patootie. I wanted to squeeze his cheeks. And so nice. The whole band was so nice. I decided that I think I'm going to try and figure out when other consulates have these shin-digs. I could eat and be entertained for free all over the upper Eastside of Manhattan. No one checked a list, I just signed in and smiled a lot. At first I was the only non-Indonesian person but then some middle-aged journalist walked in to cover it and that was that.


My cutie, Fadly, is the one directly in the middle. They played in Brooklyn the other night and are heading to D.C. on their American tour. Check them out if you can. They're great!

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