Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wireless everywhere

I'll tell ya, I know in small towns, there probably isn't wireless internet for free everywhere, but in small-ish towns, there is. Not only does my Motel 6 have it but then I just ducked out with laptop in hand (since I'm working along the way), and Bob Evans (which, by the way, is sort of like Friendly's I guess), has it too. You just have to agree to their policies (like not going to inappropriate websites and promising that you will always shop at Wal-Mart when faced with options of other department stores). I hit ACCEPT of course.

So I ordered the "Knife and Fork Homemade Meatloaf Sandwich" and it's divine. And free refills on the Arnold Palmers. Those are half ice tea, half lemonade drinks. Yippee! You don't even have to ask for a refill. They just bring it to you when you start getting near the bottom. And when you leave, they ask you if you want a free refill to go? Where the heck am I?

And next to me at the counter sits the nicest little family. Mom, Dad and little 3 yr old girl. She's drawing pictures for them and they're both agreeing that it's the best house picture they've EVER seen. So cute. Truly happy. So no joke, it's almost 1 p.m. and this place is hopping! There's a line out the door for seats but thanks to me being a loner, I'm at the counter with my MacBook updating the ol' blog. Just realized, (edit) it's Sunday and these folks go to church in the morning and come here afterwards apparently. The sea foam skirt suit and broach on this woman just tipped me off.

I have to point out that the only employee here of color is the bus boy (man). He's about a 65-year old African American man and just brought in pounds and pounds of ice for the wait staff and no one even looked at him. It's just something that keeps cropping up for me. The communities outside of the cities are mostly white and the employees that are customer-facing are white too. That BBQ guy and his staff at the fair yesterday were practically the only black people at the fair. And when I looked up his website, Lil J's BBQ, he's from Columbus, Ohio, which apparently has a large black population. I know I shouldn't be so surprised by this but I still am. I did, however, see an interracial couple at the fair. And an Asian couple with kids. So I guess slowly but surely. But they were all getting looks.

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